Choosing an Office Arrangement for an Open Workplace Culture

If making a workplace culture operate smoothly for all was easy, then managers and HR professionals wouldn’t have much to do. Maintaining a good workplace culture is a challenge in every organization. That’s because there are so many personalities interacting and contributing to decision-making. When you first enter a work environment, the office floor plan and furniture arrangements offer some clues about the type of company culture. We help you choose an arrangement that reflects your company brand and values.

The Open Plan

Some organizations want a floor plan with office furniture arrangements that is very open. There are no cubicles or separate offices, but there are some conference rooms and an executive suite. The success of this plan depends on the nature of the work most employees do. If you’re running a call center, an open floor plan is not conducive to controlling the noise level. If you have employees collaborating on many projects, an open floor plan could be a good option. When you need the speedy exchange of informationfor a startup or an innovation company, an open floor plan is ideal.

The Mixed Plan

Many of today’s organizations opt for a combination of open and closed floor plans. They need some areas were employees work in an open environment and other areas with private meeting spaces, such as for meeting with clients and making phone calls to investors.

We can help you choose the right floor plan to meet your changing business needs. You can move employees around to fit the nature of your workplace culture, which is a dynamic organism. For more information on office arrangements, please contact us today.