Business / 07 Oct 2016
Bergener Mirejovsky Case Study: Studio Other Completes Stunning Newport Beach Law Office

In September, Studio Other put the finishing touches on the offices of Bergener Mirejovsky Law in Newport Beach, Calif.  The 25,000 square foot project consisted of 17 private offices, 48 workstations, two conference rooms, a reception desk and custom wall panels. 


Bergener desired a work environment resembling a traditional law office, but with a modern edge that also aided in attracting and retaining attorneys.  “We wanted it to look like you were walking into a high-end law office, sharp and clean,” says Lucero Smith of Bergener. To meet this design goal, the Studio Other team, led by Jax DiBenedetto, partnered with SAA to design the space using a multitude of elements.  The office was outfitted with open, low panel systems, brushed stainless steel-framed workstations with glass and walnut tops, and white cabinets with back-painted glass doors.  “We also needed the suite to flow seamlessly from the lobby,” Smith continued.  This design challenge led to a solution that incorporated the traditional elements of the lobby, but still had that modern flair.  DiBenedetto and the Studio team produced a paneling system that was sleek and modern with a nod to the traditional millwork design throughout the lobby.  The design consisted of a fully encased panel system wrapped in walnut veneer and skinned in back-painted glass with no exposed fasteners; this allowed for an uninterrupted transition from lobby to suite and throughout the rest of the office space.


“Jax was amazing to work with, she understood exactly what we needed and worked closely with us to ensure the concept turned into a functional and beautiful reality,” Smith said.