Arts / 25 Oct 2016
Office Trends: Using Feng Shui to Enhance Productivity

The scientific benefits of Feng Shui design principles are hard to find. However, inserting natural elements into any space is scientifically proven to enhance productivity, boost creativity and reduce stress. Oliver Burkemen of The Guardian explains, “The green-rectangle researchers thought it might be some subconscious association with the idea of growth, and therefore creativity. But the dominant explanation remains that of “biophilia”, coined by EO Wilson, which he described as our “urge to affiliate with other forms of life” – probably because we evolved to function best in nature-rich settings.”

There are many successful options for designing a work area; but Feng Shui can offer a strong foundational structure through mother nature’s design principles. In other words, Feng Shui is an excellent starting point.

5 Small Ways to Use Feng Shui in an Office Space

1. Water. So, you may not have room for a bubbling brook underneath your desk, however, you may have room for a small indoor fountain or a fish bowl. The sound of the fountain can soothe the mind in the midst of chaos. Examining a fish bowl can relieve the mind of obsessive thinking by offering a visual respite.

2. Plants. Succulents are a low maintenance plant that come with big benefits. Not only will their association to nature enhance one’s state of mind, but also succulents like Aloe Vera are very effective at improving air quality. More options for indoor plants are orchids, cacti, palms, and even a fake plant can help tease out stress.

3. Mirrors or crystals. It would be fantastic if we could all hang glorious chandeliers in our offices, but alas it’s not likely. However, hanging a mirror on the wall can recreate the benefits of a window. Mirrors and crystals imitate natural elements like morning dew or icicles. Mirrors can also make a space feel more open.

4. Flame. The most ideal scenario here would be to light an aromatherapy candle in an office first thing in the morning, but flames and work space aren’t a great match. Other options include small lamps with soft lighting or using lighting to spotlight a beautiful plant or the fountain.

5. Images. Chances are that your office space is not in the middle of a forest or tropical island. Photography, paintings, posters of natural scenery are the next best option. An excellent landscape photo can help to slow the pace of the day, reducing stress. Imagery can also offer tired eyes a break from computer screen time.

Like many other office trends, using Feng Shui to enrich an office space is an effective trend in interior design.