Branding is important for all businesses; however, why is it so relevant? Standing out from the crowd is definitely one reason. So, how does one go about ensuring one’s branding is effective? This is a question most business owners have probably asked themselves at one point or another. Let’s look at three keys to branding.


Name/Product Association

When you think of famous company names, most likely what comes to mind almost as quickly as the name is the product itself. For example, think of Nike and you probably thought of athletic shoes and maybe even saw the check mark logo in your mind. This instantaneous association between the name and product is a result of effective branding and what companies strive to accomplish. To make the connection between the name and the product, companies must first determine how they want to be perceived. This in part will depend on who their target customers are. For example, if a business is targeting middle-class people, they will present their brand in a way that is different from how they would if targeting more wealthy or affluent customer. Once the target is identified, then the next phase can be considered.



Creating a company image is what establishes your brand. Image begins with a logo, but it permeates throughout every aspect of your business. Your website, printed materials, social media accounts, office decor, and staff must all reflect the brand image you wish to communicate. Image can be tangible, as in the visual logo, the way your office is decorated, and so on. However, image can reach beyond the tangible to the attitude your company portrays.



It is of the utmost importance that consistency be maintained across the board between all areas of your business’s communications and outreach. That means if your image/brand  is casual, then a loose, friendly attitude must reflect on printed materials, the website, and among the staff. However, if your brand is elegant, then a more formal approach would be needed. The most important factor to remember is do not give your customers “mixed signals.” If they visit your website and it is created with formal, elegant typesetting and professional-sounding language and the logo is similar, but when they stop by the office it is decorated in a cheery “fun” casual tone, it won’t make for good branding.


Branding is an important part of staying in the minds of your customers. With careful planning and modifications, any business can start down the path to carving out a solid brand for their company. At Studio Other Interiors, we help create extraordinary brands. For more information, contact us today!