Business, Insights / 11 Jun 2018
Four Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Open Office Design

There are many things to love about the open space trend in office design, but one of the biggest concerns employees have about it is the accompanying rise in noise levels. Here are four practical ways to reduce noise in your open office space design.

1) Incorporate Sound-Absorbing Materials into Your Design

When you renovate your office space, utilize materials that absorb sound in your design. This can look like carpet or vinyl tile flooring, acoustic wall panels and sound insulation, double or triple pane glass windows, and solid doors instead of hollow. When it comes to furnishings, consider soft items to help reduce noise.

2) Create Quiet Spaces Where Employees Can Work Alone

Not everyone wants to work in the middle of the crowd all the time. Sometimes, they need a small space with less noise to accomplish their task. This can be accommodated in an open office layout with huddle rooms, or with alcoves tucked in off of open office spaces. Utilize sound-absorbing materials here to create areas where little to no noise can be heard.

3) Ambient (White) Noise

When most people think of ambient noise, they also think about trying to fall asleep at night. The reason why it helps with sleep is the same reason why playing it in the office will help with noise levels. Ambient noise, played at consistent levels, has been proven to help cover up disruptive noises.

4) Plants

Bringing a plant into the office is a well-known way to improve air quality and add aesthetic appeal. An additional benefit office workers may not realize is their ability to absorb sound. The bigger the plant the better, as their ability to absorb noise increases with size.

Let Studio Other Reduce Noise in Your Office Space

Are you considering an open space design for your office renovation, but concerned about the noise that could come with it? We would love to discuss these and other sound-reducing methods with you –¬†contact us¬†today!