Business, Culture, Insights / 18 Jun 2018
Using Workplace Design to Attract Quality Employees

Not only has the rapid advancement of digital technologies expanded the capabilities of the modern workplace, it’s also groomed new generations to have greater expectations from employers concerning workplace environments. These are major reasons why workplace design has become an important focus for companies trying to attract quality employees.

Using Workplace Design to Filter Applicants and Attract Quality Employees

Each company’s thought leadership is tasked with creating an environment that reflects its values and vision, which may or may not appeal to applicants. The workplace design therefore becomes a filter, which naturally appeals to those who hold the same values and vision.

For instance, if a company wants to reflect a more open and cooperative working environment with open and shared working spaces, this will appeal to applicants that are comfortable with this design. Colors, shapes, materials, lighting, and other workspace design attributes can all be used to attract and retain the type of employees desired while filtering out the rest.

The Workplace is Your Employees’ Second Home

When designing the workplace to attract and retain quality employees, companies must remember: this is basically their second home! In fact, if sleep time isn’t counted, many times, the workplace is where employees will spend more than half of their time. Some researchers have concluded people spend 1/3 of their lives at work, which is why workplace design is so important.

This doesn’t mean the workplace should be necessarily designed like a home or apartment, yet it should be a comfortable place where employees can relax and be productive. For instance, the trend of working remotely at home is an indication of what modern employees desire from their workplace. Companies that design their workplaces with this in mind will have more success in attracting and retaining quality employees.

Fueling Productivity and Balance

The main objective of designing a workplace is to fuel productivity and a balanced work life for employees; how this looks and feels will be different for each company. Working with professional workplace designers to iron out the details and produce the tangible structures will help generate optimal results.

Underestimating the powerful influence workplace design has on the productivity of employees is a mistake employers should avoid. When employees enjoy their workspace they’ll be more likely to keep coming back, and if the workplace design promotes a balance between relaxation and productivity they’ll get more quality work done. If you’re interested in learning how Studio Other can help, please contact us today.