Business, Insights / 16 Jul 2018
What’s the Most Important Factor in Great Office Chairs? Flexibility!

Finding great office chairs for all of your coworkers can be a challenge. Everyone needs something different. Not only do all of your coworkers have different heights, they also have different schedules. What you need from a chair changes throughout the morning and afternoon, and it also changes if most of your day is spent sitting down. Even more than that, your coworkers may have different health issues, disabilities, and support needs in their chair. That’s why the most important feature to look for is flexibility.

Make sure everyone can make these three changes freely to the new set of chairs:

1) Can they change the recline angle?

Slouching forward is bad for everyone’s back. Not only does it put a lot of pressure on your neck, it means your bones are supporting your weight instead of your muscles. At the same time, most people aren’t used to sitting perfectly straight. Make the option easier with a reclining back. It’s far better to lean back than to lean forward, especially if the computer monitor is at an appropriate height.

2) Are all of the heights adjustable?

Every horizontal surface should have an adjustable height. At the bare minimum, this means the seat of the chair and the armrests. Read through the specifications to ensure that the seat can raise between sixteen and twenty-one inches high. A wider range is better. Also, make sure the armrests can be adjusted so that the user’s elbows are comfortably at ninety degrees.

3) Does the chair have modifiable lumbar support?

A flexible, bending chair back helps make it comfortable to not slouch. But everyone’s back is slightly different. Look for adjustable chairs that let users change the angle and the height of the lumbar curve.

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