Business, Insights / 23 Jul 2018
How to Make Your Office Design More Accessible

If you’re redesigning a leased office, your options are a bit limited. The bathrooms, kitchen connections, and elevators are what they are. But that means you need to focus even more closely on the office design that is within your control. Keeping the office accessible, welcoming, and easy to navigate is essential. Here’s how to do it!

Keep Your Office Accessible With These Office Design Tips

Have a Variety of Working Spaces

When you’re redesigning an office to make it right for everyone, you need to provide options. Some of your coworkers can concentrate in an open office space without any cubicle walls. Other people need silence to focus on their work. Some people love the natural light along an exterior wall, and others work better in dimmer offices. Different tables and desks also take wheelchairs into consideration so everyone has the environment they need to be productive.

Keep Your Walkways Wide

ADA requirements specify the minimum for major walkways and the distance between tables. It also specifies how high tables need to be to account for everyone. Go beyond the bare minimum. Your clients and co-workers will notice, and the extra attention to detail will tell clients far more about what to expect from your business than any words.

Decide What You’re Going to do With Storage

Not every company needs to hold onto paper documents as long as there’s sufficient paperless storage. But your business also has office supplies, potential inventory, and hardware. Don’t just leave storage for the last minute! Decide what needs to be easily within reach and what should be packed away for security reasons.

Making your office accessible is more than meeting minimum compliance standards. It’s about making sure every visitor, client, and employee can navigate the space and be productive. Contact us for office design tips and custom furniture that can help your business succeed.