Business / 28 Aug 2018
Reduce Costs and Improve Safety with a Building Energy Management System

Installing an energy management system in your commercial or industrial building provides an easier, more affordable way to manage the building’s systems. It can improve building health while reducing costs and energy consumption.

What Is a Business Energy Management System?

building energy management system (BEMS) describes the building controls used to administer the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) systems, as well as the lighting and security of a building. It includes monitoring software to monitor a building’s energy needs. The BEMS is a sophisticated system that communicates information on building processes and data to a single, central operating unit where a manager can control, monitor, and optimize all systems. Both residential and commercial structures use BEMS. The terms Energy Management System (EMS) and Building Management System (BMS) also refer to a BEMS.

Benefits of Business Energy Management

Reduced Cost and Energy Use

Energy and cost savings without installing any new major equipment are at the top of the list of BEMS benefits. According to The Telegraph, a BEMS can manage 95 percent of a building’s energy consumption without new equipment. If you’ve used a smart thermostat at home, you’ve experienced a portion of BEMS technology at a residential level. In a commercial or industrial environment, a full energy management system manages much more than HVAC use.

Improved Safety and Security

A building energy management system improves building safety and security. It provides a single monitoring and operations point for the entire structure. That operations base provides automated readings on utilities, carbon monoxide, and fire detection systems. It also monitors building entry and exit points. The smart technology of a BEMS automatically notifies emergency personnel and building occupants of any danger, such as fire or break-in.

Workplace Health

Automated control and monitoring of environmental systems contribute to improved workplace health. An energy management system monitors air and water quality and can adjust variables such as ventilation to limit harm.

The introduction of building automation services like BEMS can help a business reach optimal efficiency and protect worker and customer health. Contact Studio Other Interiors to learn about adding a BEMS to your building to lower your costs and energy use while increasing building safety.