Business / 10 Sep 2018
Essential Factors to Consider in Office Design

Why Focus on Office Design?

Most businesses aspire to provide the best working environment for their employees to promote productivity, and one of the ways to achieve that is by opting for an ideal office space design. The design of your office can act as a source of motivation for your employees, which also gives them the confidence they need to make the most of each day at the workplace.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when designing your office space.


As your business grows, you may need to adjust your office to accommodate such expansion requirements. Sometimes, rearranging your office may also become a necessity after a particular period for those who already own premises for their business operations. Unfortunately, the challenge is that you may incur additional costs in the future when you decide to expand your office or rearrange the same altogether.

So, if you wish to create more room within your current office at no extra cost, you can achieve that by opting to acquire movable chairs, pedestals, and desks. Movable furniture allows you to change the arrangement within your premises conveniently, which reduces your labor and installation costs significantly.


Most traditional offices have concrete walls or wooden panels that separate different sections according to the workstation of each employee. The challenge when it comes to offices with concrete walls and wood panels is that they dampen the spirit of comradery, and maintaining transparent business activities throughout your organization becomes a significant challenge.

For that reason, most business owners are opting for open plan spaces or glass wall partitioning as their ideal office space design. The idea behind such models is not to instill fear among staff because management is watching but to encourage comradeship and transparency for better results.

Staff Wellness

Some entrepreneurs go beyond creating a beautiful office design by providing spaces where employees can interact and relax while they work. Rustic pantries, coffee shops, and cafes offer the perfect environment for your staff to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the company of their colleagues while they work. The decision to establish a staff clinic, a gym, or playroom in your office premises will go a long way if you want to focus on the wellness of your employees.

In that case, you need to appreciate the fact that employees today will prioritize employers who are willing to invest in their wellbeing, by providing the amenities that will encourage them to give their best every day. If you need more information on critical factors to consider in office design, contact us today!