Business / 17 Sep 2018
Design Your Office Around the Shrinking Work-Home Divide

The relationship people have with their work office is changing.

The actual, physical space that your company has for employees to do work matters. Some employees are advocating for remote work and telecommuting jobs, and they’re willing to work longer alternate days in the office to get it. Other employees want a more comfortable work environment that gives them more freedom of motion. No matter what direction your company is moving in, you need to have an office that is comfortable for employees to live and work in for longer stretches of time. Here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Have a variety of chairs available.

Ergonomic chairs that provide better support are essential. But instead of having the same default chair at every desk, have a variety of options available so employees can find the best fit for themselves. You also need to have a variety of options for small huddle rooms, break rooms, and casual places to relax if someone is pulling a long day at the office.

You can still have a consistent style even with a handful of miscellaneous chairs. Look for similar colors and patterns, especially ones that match your brand colors.

2. Make sure there’s room to move around.

No one likes sitting in a cubicle for hours on end. So make your space more functional with aisles, scenic areas near the windows, and alternative workspaces. But if you’re tight on space, consider walking or standing desks to make up the difference.

3. Include a functional kitchen.

If you want employees to feel comfortable spending long days at the office, you need to have a kitchen that works for them. Good eating habits and frequent breaks increase productivity and make their work quality higher, so it’s just good business. Make sure there’s plenty of counter space, good appliances, and an easy routine so everyone keeps the area tidy.

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