Business / 08 Jan 2019
Urban Micromobility: Workplace Design Considerations

One of the most exciting changes in the urban infrastructure of cities around the globe is the rise in personal micro-transport. There are many types of these devices- scooters, ebikes, unicycles, motorized skateboards, and others. They have some commonalities; they’re powered by batteries that have advanced designs, making longer distances and easy recharging possible. They are generally low speed and can, in many cases, be easily transported on mass transit systems. They are being used throughout the urban core, and the rise in bike paths in many cities provides a safe, economical, and environmentally responsible method of transportation.

Promoting Micro-Mobility in the Workplace

Sharable Docks

Businesses can support the trend by hosting a sharable dock, such as a bike share or scooter dock. Many of these stations are already in place in the largest cities, but medium and smaller cities are still developing a market share.


Forward-thinking offices and workspaces can capitalize on this new trend in micro-transport by designing spaces within shared offices for the safe storage of bulky gear, such as helmets. In addition, consideration for indoor or secured storage of the larger, folding transports, such as many use for the final leg of a journey on mass transit, can ease concerns about leaving expensive and portable gear in an outdoor bike rack. The size of a suitcase on wheels, an indoor safe storage unit for these small, portable, and fold-able transports would be very welcomed by staff. Recharging stations would also be welcome, especially for those who commute entirely on their micro-transports.

The Benefits

A commitment toward social and environmental responsibility is a business value many appreciate, and it lends itself to brand loyalty and customer engagement. A loyal and engaged workforce is influenced by the business environment, and an understanding by leadership of the issues and challenges related to modern urban transportation is respected and appreciated by employees.

While cities are developing the bike lanes and other infrastructure that are supporting urban micro-transports, businesses and an engaged and interested workforce can bring these environmentally-sound transportation alternatives into the mainstream. Workplaces can support the trend by designing needed safe storage, recharging stations, and hosting sharable docks.

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