Business / 12 Feb 2019
How to Offer Flexible Workspaces Without Wasting Space

When you’re designing an office, a lot of different factors are going to come into conflict. You need a consistent look and style to set a good first impression. But you also need options to keep the workplace accessible. You need workspaces that allow for privacy, but you have to allow for cooperation. You also have to fit in as many people as possible without making the space cramped. So with all of these competing demands, how can you offer flexible workspaces and seating arrangements?

Here are three tips that give everyone more space and options:

Let employees work from home.

The best way to free up space in the office is the exact same thing that so many employees want: the option to work from home. No matter how big your office is or how many employees you have, freeing up seats makes everyone feel comfortable trying to new things. While people might not mind sitting close to co-workers at their “usual” spot, they’re going to feel uncomfortable sitting somewhere else if they think the seat is in-demand or they’ll be asked to move.

Also, if you don’t need your teams arranged in close-knit cubicles all of the time, you probably don’t need them to be in the office every day, either.

Take advantage of minimalist design.

Save the bulky office chairs for the cubicles. Ergonomics matters, but you don’t have to have unwieldy furniture to make it happen. Instead, make sure every table or work surface has a chair that’s appropriately high or easily adjustable. Provide cushions that fit perfectly on low-backed stools and chairs. Minimalist design gives you lots of options for chic seating that’s easy to organize.

Don’t make it a problem if it isn’t one.

Unless people are complaining about cramped quarters, you might be worrying about nothing. Just regularly ask people to make suggestions for office design improvements and keep an eye on popular spots during peak morning and afternoon hours.

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