Business / 26 Feb 2019
How to Get More Green in Your Office Space

By green, we don’t mean money (Although, good office design does make people more productive).

Instead, this is all about the color green. Adding more shades of green and even greenery to your office is good for everyone in the office. Studies have shown that the occasional pop of green decor actually calms people and reduces anxiety. Adding plants or anything that looks like plants also has a calming effect and makes people breathe easier. Here are some ways to add more green:

Place office plants in the corners of conference rooms.

Larger conference rooms often have more space than they need in order to avoid feeling cramped. So, decorate the corners with potted trees. Then you can take them out if you need more room, after all. Many coworking spaces also use plants to define spaces, so you can outline subdivided spaces in conference rooms with plants when you have a lot of people on-site.

Add plants in the dead space between the cubicles and the walls.

It’s always good to leave a gap between the last cubicle in a row and the wall behind it. This is good for fire safety and emergency exits, but it also allows for better flow. Make use of the empty space with a bit of nature-based decoration. If the rear wall is made of floor to ceiling windows, add some potted plants. If it’s a bare wall, try installing something unique like a vertical garden.

Break up the co-working space with green panels.

Co-working spaces are growing in popularity. But sometimes you and your team need a wall to get some work done, especially if you’re discussing something confidential. Supply your office with decorative panels that can be shifted around to give people privacy but that people also like looking at. These panels are both good design and good for convenience.

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