How Generational Shifts are Influencing Workspace Design

Millennials are one of the largest generations to enter the workforce since the Baby Boomers. Much like the Boomer generation influenced cultural trends such as music, TV, fashion, automobiles, and more, the Millennial generation is wielding their own influence on facets of American culture, including the ways in which we work and the places where we work. This recent article at Forbes takes a positive look at three main ways Millennials have influenced workspace design, including technology, workspaces, and office furniture.

How has the workplace changed in recent years since the Millennials, defined loosely as those born between 1982 and 2004, have hit the magic age of 18 and either entered college or the workforce?  


Take a quick look at the birth years bracketing the Millennials and consider just how rapidly technology has changed since 2000, the year when the first wave of Millennials turned 18.  The internet was no longer new but was still in the early stages of rapid expansion. Amazon and Google were in business but hadn’t become the worldwide giants that they are today. And the iPhone – along with every other smartphone that followed – was still years away from testing and release.

Today, information powered by the internet – and the technology we use to access all of that information – is part of the daily lives of not just Millennials, but society as a whole. Technology has morphed the way office spaces work, with multiple means and devices for workers to access and share information, from laptops to dual screens to whiteboards and more.

Workspace and Office Furniture

The cube farm is on the endangered species list these days, as Millennials gradually age into leadership positions and influence how new office spaces will look and function.  With a greater desire for flexible workspaces that allow natural, collaborative work to happen as well as comfortable furniture that is ergonomically correct for improved health benefits, Millennials are influencing how companies both large and small design and layout their workspaces.

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