Workspace Design Challenges: The New Green Cafeteria

A healthy and green cafeteria is becoming a workplace perk. However, they have always been an essential part of a working environment. This is especially for a business that runs three shifts or has extended work hours in a geographically isolated area. What are some of the new creative design trends in the world of healthy food at work?

The Living Farm Cafeteria

Tower gardens grown with aeroponics and LED lights are becoming commonplace in many cafeteria settings, restaurants, and grocery stores, as living produce can be grown in place and picked fresh by cafeteria staff or a customer. These systems reduce the issues of loss of nutrients over time, packing, and shipping lettuce and other greens over long distances. Those who are fans of hydroponic or aeroponic greens will also say that the flavor and freshness are unbeatable. Some alternative growing structures include living walls, which provide green spaces and clean air.

The Food Truck Court

Some workplaces are dispensing with the company run cafeteria and encouraging the food truck revolution. The idea is similar to the food court which is common in malls. The new food trucks tend to be on the cutting edge for food. This is both in healthy alternatives and in flavors and styles. Many people love to move from one truck to another throughout the workweek. A benefit for the company includes being able to charge nominal rent for the power needs of the trucks.

Hot and Cold Food Bars

Many companies that have previously run a full-service cafeteria are transitioning to a hot and cold food bar with self-service. With prices per weight for hot and cold containers and automatic weighing with charges being assigned to an internal account, staff can choose their food from healthy salads and hot entrees, eat as little or as much as they want, and not worry about cash on hand or accounting. This is a good way to support diversity and inclusion, with regional and ethnic dishes as well as standard food choices.

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