General / 10 Sep 2019
Office Furniture in a Digital Tech World

Technology is everywhere.  More devices are connected to the internet than ever.  At this point, people are pretty accustomed to technology in the office.  Even though we often don’t think about it, office furniture and technology have been interacting for decades.

Office furniture is often designed to help workers safely and comfortably use technology.  For example, chairs are just the right height for using an office computer.  Now that almost everything is becoming part of the internet of things, office furniture is getting a tech makeover.

Work Smarter

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show put the potential future of office furniture on display.  Tech companies unveiled desks that can move from sitting to standing automatically as workers arrive in the morning, and desks that can be adjusted through a smartphone app.  The office desk was featured prominently in CES 2018, with new features that would benefit employees and employers.

The Expanded Role of the Office Desk

It’s not surprising that tech companies are developing ways for consumers to control desks using smartphones.  In the future, desks will likely be much more interactive with our phones. Soon, office desks may come with integrated charging stations that will cut down on messy, unsightly cables.  Instead of plugging in a phone or laptop, a user can simply put it down on top of a wireless charger installed in the desk.

CES 2018 also had a desk that, when combined with another, can become a ping pong table.  The idea behind it is that aside from entertainment, the ping pong desk will provide valuable networking opportunities for employees.

Employees spend a lot of time at their desk.  It makes sense that desks are being updated with new technology to meet worker needs.  Things like standing desks, multipurpose desks, and integrated charging stations will help workers feel more comfortable at their desks, and may even improve productivity.  For more information on designing the perfect desk for your employees, contact us.