Decoration, Trends / 01 Oct 2019
Color Trends for 2020: Terra Cottas and Ochres

The design world is buzzing with speculation over Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020, since early release of information suggested the cool, watery blue of the sea. Bright coral, 2019’s color, is warm, with a retro vibe and vivid color. Several neutral color schemes can work well with both the bold coral of 2019 and the suspected watery blue-white of 2020’s choice.

A range of grays, from charcoal through warm pewter to cool, neutral greige have been popular, but color trends have moved to the warm earth colors of the natural pigments. Ochre, sienna, and umber are the earth pigments, and colors range from the lightest warm yellows through the deep orange-red of natural terra cotta. Caramel is a beautiful, mid-range golden brown that can work with a number of branded color schemes.

Decorative accessories can include baskets and pots in unglazed clay colors, or modern polychrome from the American southwest and Mexico. Weavings with natural-dyed wool can provide a softening wall decor, and can coordinate with the textiles on office and public spaces furniture.

Tile and wood floors will look beautiful with the earth colors, and floor coverings made with natural fibers, jute, and sisal will complement the colors.

The watery-blue on walls will give the workplace environment a feeling of a tropical beach retreat, especially with a caramel or terra cotta window and textile accent. Complementary light-cool colors could include celadon, green tea, and silver-gray.

The colors and natural earth pigments of ochre, sienna, and umber will work particularly well with efforts at biophilic design. Wellness experts have noted the connection between time spent in a natural environment like gardens and forests, and stress levels. Working with the natural colors of earth pigments, terra cotta and caramel, with the cool, watery blue of the Caribbean Sea will give the workplace a warm, relaxed, and stress-free feel.


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