Business, Culture / 23 Oct 2019
How and Why Corporate Culture is Changing

Corporate culture is the combination of beliefs, values, standards, and attitudes that can be used to characterize an employee of an organization as well as define the company itself. The company operations, goals, and how they approach things such as investors, customers, and labor are the specific things that shape the culture of an organization. Due to changes that occur in business, corporate culture is prone to change, and organizations that recognize the change in their culture have easy transitions. The various factors that are contributing to changes in organizational culture include:

Leadership Changes

Whenever there is a change in the leadership style, organizations experience a change in the culture. Corporate culture is changing because the leadership structures are changing from authoritative to performance-based leadership, in most organizations.

Technological ChangesĀ 

Technology is being absorbed into many businesses, affecting the existing business processes and introducing new ones. When such processes are affected, corporate culture is being affected because the relationships in the company are changing.

Changing Business ModelsĀ 

Due to increased competition in the market, most organizations are restructuring their business models and accommodating more effective methods of competition. With the new methods, employees have to restructure their previous targets, attitudes, and values, hence changing the corporate culture.

Teamwork Adoption

Teamwork is being used in most organizations to ensure maximum results from the employees. As a result, office layouts have changed from secluded rooms into open space offices, and this has changed the corporate culture of most organizations. More interaction with fellow employees has changed the previous cultures and introduced new cultures.

Final Thoughts

Corporate culture is changing quickly across most organizations as a result of several changes that are occurring within the businesses. Scarcely will a change happen in business and fail to result in a culture change in the organization. When undiscovered, corporate culture change can cause unwanted effects on the business that, in some cases, may lead to the decline of the company.