Culture / 05 Nov 2019
4 Ways to Grow Corporate Culture in Your Organization

What contributes to a strong corporate culture? Well, with corporate philosophies differing from one organization to the next, you’ll struggle to find that one “perfect” company tradition. Regardless, you’ll find that consistency is the key to implementing a sustainable corporate ethos.

As a company evolves, its corporate culture should change as well. Here are 4 ways you can improve corporate culture in your organization.

1. Allow Subcultures to Grow and Evolve

When a company grows larger, subcultures will naturally emerge. And though the company will still have a specific corporate culture, employees can create subcultures that embrace their traditions.

For that reason, leaders should acknowledge the value subcultures have on the organization. More importantly, team leaders should find ways to develop these subcultures and fully incorporate them into the organization.

2. Evaluate Your Business Goals

Companies should continuously access their shared values to ensure they are in line with their ever-changing goals. Additionally, they should also consider if the current standards and beliefs are working in tandem to support the evolving business objectives.

Conversely, if the culture has the capacity to derail growth strategies, then necessary changes should be made to secure the continued success of the business.

3. Motivate Employees to Work to Their Level Best

Often, when a firm’s corporate culture is only popular among those in leadership, then it’s not scalable. For example, if the CEO is the mantle behind your corporate culture, you should consider empowering other employees to drive cultural change. What’s more, you should also create responsibilities among the members of your enterprise to drive cultural change.

4. Evaluate Talent

As an evolving company, you need to periodically reshuffle your staff. Often, you will realize that some people don’t quite align with your company’s cultural identity. Others may resist cultural changes or may act in a way that is contrary to your company standards.

As you continue to grow your business, it is equally important to seek innovative ways that make your corporate culture more sustainable. In a nutshell, you need to continually make changes to learn what works and what you need to improve on. Contact us to learn more.