What We Do

Studio Other designs furniture systems unique to every client. We bring your vision to life and meet your distinct needs and aesthetic.

Studio Other creates custom furniture solutions. Our team believes that a beautifully designed work place should express your brand. We want to help realize your vision and redefine how you work. Our goal is to make the design experience as unique as your furniture.

We work with creative architects, designers, and brands that embrace being different. Our clients are emotionally engaged in the process, willing to take risks, and ready to roll up their sleeves. They’re looking for partners that can help make their concepts a reality.

We focus on creating one-of-a-kind, scalable solutions that are personalized to every client’s needs. Our team of top-tier talent knows how to build places where people want to show up. And we make building them a pleasure.

Why We Do It

Because we believe in the importance of a space that fits you.

We see the value of the expression of identity in the workspace. We know that, with the right touch, an office can become an experience.

We empower our customers to get creative and envision spaces that tangibly represent the best of who they are.

What We Value Most

A Culture of Innovation.

Top-to-Bottom Quality

From process to product, we aim to exceed expectations.

Everything we do is quality. Thoughtful work that is built to last and function well. And we’ll stand by that. You can trust us to get things right.

Saying Yes!

Your happiness is our goal.

We have a “can-do” culture which means whatever the challenge, we’ll figure it out. We’re problem solvers and will find a way to get it done.

Let’s Talk

We’re here to be your partner.

We understand the importance of transparent and responsive communication. We will be by your side every step of the process.

Enjoying the Process

Our entire team has genuine passion for the craft.

We love what we do. We wouldn’t be Studio Other if we didn’t keep a smile on our faces. And if we do our jobs right, there will be one on yours, too.