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Promote Creativity and Productivity with Custom Furniture
08 Oct 2019

A clean work area, a comfortable desk chair, and an office environment that welcomes and encourages everyone to show off

Why a Green Office Improves Employee Health
02 Jul 2019

Is your office green?  No, not the environmentally friendly kind of ‘green’.  Does your office have greenery?  A new Harvard

Office Design: Keep Lunch Breaks On-Site
05 Mar 2019

Two of the best ways to help employees stay productive seem to conflict with each other. On the one hand

How to Get More Green in Your Office Space
26 Feb 2019

By green, we don't mean money (Although, good office design does make people more productive). Instead, this is all about

Workspace Design for Quiet
04 Dec 2018

In addition to access to natural light, quiet in workspaces remains a popular element that is also critical for productivity.

Work-life Balance: Don’t Let Work Creep into Your Employees’ Off Hours
06 Nov 2018

Work-life balance is a big deal. But technology has been steadily eroding the strict barriers between work and the rest

Optimize Your Office Space for Healthy Working
29 Oct 2018

Every employee needs to be able to customize their office space for their own needs. Some employees may need more

Three Office Design Elements That Give Your Employees Privacy
08 Oct 2018

Employees need some degree of privacy in order to get their work done. They don't need complete seclusion or that