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Break Away From Perimeter Private Offices

November 16, 2020



Studio Other’s client is an American Home Building company with several locations across the US. Given the confidential nature of their work and their need for daily collaboration, several obstacles and goals were brought to the table during the ideation phase.

The Challenge:

How do we provide our client’s executive-level staff the freedom to break away from the perimeters of a private office and “be one with the team,” while still accommodating the privacy required of their roles? Is there a way to combine collaborative spaces and individual workstations to make the flow between the two less cumbersome? How do we make all of the necessary tools easily accessible to each executive?

The Solution:

Studio Other created a four-walled structure that can attach to any existing workstation run. Each executive is able to attach or remove their four-walled structure throughout the day, giving them the freedom to attach to create privacy within open area benching and then detach to collaborate with ease. Felt tact-able walls were also added to each structure to allow for personalization and greenery that supports wellness throughout the space. This level of flexibility has allowed for the client’s employees to feel that the executive team is accessible, reachable and one with the team.