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We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

Studio Other is a team of industrial designers and engineers. With over 25 years of industry experience, we specialize in bespoke furniture for our clients through a process of co-design and investigating end user behavior. To design well, you need to make well. At our core, we’re makers + builders with an obsessive attention to detail and a passion for good design.

Why Custom?

12 Year Warranty
There’s nothing better than peace of mind. Our extended warranty will give you just that knowing that your custom furniture is protected.

Complete Customization Capabilities
You get exactly what you want.  No catalog, no compromise, no BS. Your ideas matched with our knowledge, expertise and guidance will bring your wildest dreams to life. 

Repeatable Designs
Most of our goods are fabricated via automated programs. If it has been produced once, then it can be produced again at the click of a button because it exists as a catalogue part.

10 or 1000 units, our designs can be tailored to any size scope through our mass customization capabilities.  

Design Details Matter
We sweat the small stuff. Manufacturing details are everything to us and each inch of your furniture piece is viewed as a design opportunity.  

We partner with the best fabricators in the USA.

Cutting-edge manufacturing technology
All furniture is designed using the latest digital technology, ensuring high-quality, repeatable and accurate parts for all of your current and future needs.

Design-driven fabricator selection
We design for you, not the factory. Therefore, we work with a diverse range of vendors to ensure the right specialist is working on your project, no matter how unique the design request is.

Capacity for quick scalability
Our use of digital fabrication methods and engineering allows us to scale widely and quickly. Additionally, we can work with multiple vendors at once to scale at an even faster pace.

No material is off limits
We can work with any material you dream up. We love getting our hands on unique finishes and textiles, so you’ll never hear ‘no’ from us.

We believe in responsible manufacturing.

Design Innovation

Each part is intentionally sized for optimal sheet yield to cut down on waste.

Custom product development allows us to source uniquely raw materials for project specific environmental goals
Material Selection

We believe in high-quality material so furniture stands the test of time. We often work with steel, which has a high recycled content and enables post life-cycle recycling, and powder coating, which contains no solvents and emits very little to no VOCs throughout the finishing process.
Manufacturing &

We partner with regional manufacturers which lowers our carbon footprint and increases quality control with design, engineering, and production in close proximity to one another.
Indoor Environmental Quality

We use low VOC emitting ‘Greenguard’ certified materials and finishes to improve interior air quality and minimize toxicity.

We Create Custom Furniture
Inspired by You.

Recent Work

Over the years, Studio Other has expanded nationwide with projects in 18 states and counting. We have had the chance to build trusting relationships with several companies who have seen what we can deliver and invited us back to work with them on several of their national locations. With each new project, we partner with local contract installation service providers, each trained by our project management team so that they are experts on how to install our products.

3,260 Total Seats

550 Total Seats

1,076 Total Seats

965 Total Seats

1,040 Total Seats

1,790 Total Seats

Where Do We Work?

Meet the Team

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