Employee Engagement: Levels + Solutions

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Noosha Hodges
June 30, 2020

Engaging employees is an essential goal for any manager or business owner. Employers who seek methods to get more employees on board will boost productivity and consequently their profits will see a surge, too. To understand how to increase employee engagement, one must understand the different levels of engagement. Additionally, employers must tap into what motivates employees from one level to the next.

Let’s look first at the 3 most basic levels of engagement.

The engaged employee is not simply there doing their job, they are productive and motivate others. They work in teams or groups well and bring a “positive energy to the team.” They also tend to be innovative problem-solvers. When a person is highly engaged and motivated, it increases brain power; so, it’s not surprising theses individuals are quick to find solutions.

Not Engaged
Employees who are not engaged do their job, but never anything beyond what is required. They do not have an enthusiastic attitude about their work and appear distant. Their work may be adequate but never rises above to excellent; they just do not have the motivation to go the extra mile.

Actively Disengaged
The actively disengaged employee brings a negative energy to the work group. This individual discusses the things he or she perceives are wrong with the work environment, the management, and so on. This can really hurt the entire workplace.

Managers and business owners struggle to find answers to employee engagement. Often times, the simplest solutions are the ones that work.

Here are 3 tips to try that are sure to boost office energy.

Praise and gratitude
Praise tends to be overlooked or saved for those special occasions. However, praise and gratitude have greater ramifications than people realize, but it must be offered up regularly and sincerely. Find the small things that your employees are doing and notice them, encourage them, and praise them.

Build a relationship
Building a business between employers and employees is like a relationship. The closer you are with your employees, the more connected they will feel to the work. Take time to really listen to your employees, so that they feel valued. Listen even when it’s not work-related and they will want to pitch in when it’s not “work” time.

Let them have a say
When it comes time to upgrade the office or decorate. Or maybe you are investing in new office furniture, get their opinions. Find out what your employees like and what is most comfortable for them. Some employees like open workspace, while others need a quiet area to concentrate. Have a suggestion box for ideas they may have. Don’t just let the box sit there either. Make time regularly to read the suggestions and implement one or two when it is feasible.Employee engagement is a high priority for all businesses.

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