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Factors to Consider When Planning an Office Design

Noosha Hodges


June 18, 2020

Planning an efficient office design can seem like a daunting task. You must put into consideration several key factors to secure a space with an appealing interior design. Whether the purpose of designing your office is for expanding or remodeling, it will significantly affect your personal image. Below are key factors to consider when planning your office design. 

1. Navigation and Space 

A good floor plan will ensure your office layout is efficient and serves its purpose. Manage and utilize your space effectively to ensure your office scales with the business as it becomes prosperous. Special considerations for office space will create a work environment that encourages better employee performance, collaboration, and growth. 

2. Lighting in All Areas

Make sure your design considers lighting. Natural light within an office space is a crucial element that helps keep your workforce productive and motivated at all times. Also, you can install individually controllable light in every workstation so that employees can alter it to suit them. 

3. Storage Facilities

Including digital storage solutions in your design is an added bonus, especially in today's offices. They help free up a lot of space improving navigation within the office. As a facility manager, ensure you have a fully functioning and practical storage facility to maximize the available space. A cluttered office affects productivity. Therefore, keep it neat and organized with the integrated storage solutions and you will notice a difference. 

4. Incorporate Privacy in Your Design

This factor emphasizes saving on space to give your workforce the privacy they need to complete work assigned to them. Office privacy includes both visual and acoustic privacy: meaning you should incorporate spaces in your office where individuals can focus without interfering with their colleagues.Lastly, taking the practicalities of effective and efficient office design is important if you want to create a productive and happy workplace environment.

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