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Foley Hoag: An Unconventional Firm

September 29, 2020



Foley Hoag law firm moved to a part of Boston 20 years ago that at the time, was nothing more than marshland. Today, this area is now one of Boston’s hottest neighborhoods that boasts some of the best food, drinks, and culture.

Foley Hoag long has established itself to be a progressive firm, refusing to conform to the standardized molds imposed upon traditional law firms. For the first time since their original move-in 20 years prior, they decided to completely redo their space so the interior would better reflect their forward-thinking business model.

In the planning phase, Foley Hoag presented two primary desires. First, they required functioning pieces that would integrate seamlessly with current technology. Second, their lawyers needed to have the freedom to set up their offices how they wanted. Therefore, Studio Other, a custom furniture provider, in partnership with Elkus Manfredi, design firm, presented an innovative custom workstation solution after a diligent phase of planning, designing, engineering and prototyping.

The solution includes a work wall with an eight-foot track rail system that holds the monitor arm and allows it to move anywhere horizontally on the desk, giving the user the freedom to configure their freestanding desk and guest chairs in a way that works best for them. Whether the user requires face-to-face time with their client or heads-down desk work, they will be well supported by the flexible system.

Continuing the innovative theme, Studio Other and Elkus Manfredi decided against the traditional dark wood and heavy furniture typically found in a law firm, and instead opted for a modern feel with plated steel, a thin aesthetic material that can dually support a large weight, complemented by wood fronts and accents. Foley Hoag was elated with the clean, beautiful, and functional end result that remained true to the character and culture of their firm.