Home Workspace Design 101

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Noosha Hodges
June 30, 2020

The home workspace is undergoing a paradigm change, as the traditional part-time desk to hold the bills moves into a full-time workstation. What are the basic principles for home workspace designs?Light and Fresh AirNatural light through windows or doors is critical to well-being and productivity. Arrange your workspace so one has a view of the sky; a scene with some green, a garden, or other growing things is a bonus. A functioning window or door to bring fresh air and sunshine inside is also a bonus. A houseplant in a pot and a small desktop fan will help with ventilation and clean air when no window is available.

Control the Cords

Choose a location with adequate electrical outlets and space for charging stations. Avoid trip-and-fall hazards such as long cords crossing hallways or entryways. Corral the cords under the desk or table with plastic ties or other devices so they can stay safely out of the way.

Avoid Clutter

In a small workspace, clutter can quickly overwhelm the table or desk being used as a work surface. Organize mail and incoming paperwork so it is handled only once before disposition, and have a trash basket or shredder close at hand to manage excess paperwork. Pictures, art, and toys can take up too much space in a home office, and their use to connect a worker to home and hobbies is not needed as much in a home-based workspace. Avoid as much as possible letting the clutter build up and overwhelm the workspace. Develop an end-of-workday routine that includes clearing the coffee cups and random dishes, paperwork, and other types of surface clutter.

Art and Color

Adding art and color to the workspace doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Using something simple, like Command poster hangers or other types of casual print and poster hangers, put colorful art on the walls around the workspace. If kids or other family members need something to do, making art you can hang on the walls around your space is a good challenge. Don't worry about frames; just cover the walls with color and light from the family artists.Home workspaces can be challenging, especially in extra-small spaces. But by using the natural light from a window, avoiding clutter and cord problems, and using family art time to produce some colorful and inexpensive art on paper to hang around the space, the home workspace design can be both functional and efficient.

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