How To Capture The Best Look For Greater Productivity

Post by 
Noosha Hodges
June 30, 2020

Enclosed cubicles, or open spaces and circular tables? Bold colors and designs on the walls, or neutral tones? What is the best look that will bring greater productivity in a business? Be it a retail store, law office, or graphic design studio, these are important decisions for businesses of all sorts to consider. This is where commercial interior design comes into play.

First, a business should already have in mind what type of mood it wants to represent. Would a dentist office have bold graphics on its walls and dim lighting like a clothing store? How well would a graphic design studio fair with beige colored walls and plain carpeting on its floors? Obviously, a business needs to be properly represented with a look that enhances and speaks well of it. A dentist office should give a feeling of cleanliness with white or grey walls, sharp and clear lines, and bright lighting. A graphic design studio should showcase its design skills with its own style of bold colors and lighting.

Secondly, a business, no matter what it is, needs to be able to inspire and motivate its employees to be productive. Whether this comes in the form of cubicles, individual office rooms, or open tables, a business should have a floor plan that is appropriate to its nature. This depends on two things: 1) the mood a business is trying to capture, and 2) practicality. This is also purely up to the business entity in question.Finally, a business needs to be confident enough to give a unique look to their brand. How the facility looks is one of the biggest factors in customers remembering the brand of a business. This is also what helps keep customers coming back for more. A unique look can be found in the type of furniture selected for an office setting, a select group of colors or symbols already being used as part of the brand, or in the artwork on the walls.

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