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How Pacific Northwest Boats Inspired a Budget-Friendly Design

Noosha Hodges


April 8, 2021

After successfully co-designing workstations and storage units for a Seattle-based design company, Studio Other was re-engaged by the client for a new project designing their ancillary spaces, including a reception desk and boardroom tables. Armed with the task of matching the aesthetics of the open office design, Studio Other was put to the test to create a unique but affordable design that pulls inspiration from the construction of a boat hull commonly found in the Pacific Northwest. Ultimately, Studio exceeded all expectations throughout the entire codesign process, delivering the client a space that met their initial design intent and remained within budget. 

The Challenge: How do we provide our clients a distinctive boat-hull-inspired design that complements the rest of the space? Is there a way to create a design that maintains the budget but achieves the expectations of our design partner? How do we engineer a reception desk and boardroom table with similar curvatures of a boat hull while maintaining the necessary weight and balance required to support the weight of the table? 

The Solution: Studio Other closely studied the design of boats native to the Pacific Northwest and created several design renditions inspired by the curvatures of the boats’ bow and hull. After the initial design review, cost became an important factor to maintain. Studio Other went back to the drawing board and successfully iterated an affordable design approved by the client, featuring fabricated curved powder-coated laminate surrounds on the reception desk that mirror the curvatures of this type of boat. The boardroom table design achieved a higher-end feel with individual pieces of plywood lining the base of the table. Ultimately, Studio Other achieved a unique design that fits seamlessly among the new workstations and storage units, all within the budget provided.