Mobile Workstation Solution for Bike Engineers

Post by 
Noosha Hodges
June 30, 2020

Studio Other’s client is a bike engineering company that houses 200 engineers in a single location. Given the nature of their work and their intimate involvement with prototypes in a single day, several obstacles and goals were brought to the table during the ideation phase.


The Challenge:

How do we provide our client the versatility to both collaborate and prototype ideas on the spot while also allowing for individual heads-down work? Is there a way to combine collaborative spaces and individual workstations to make the flow between the two less cumbersome? How do we make all of the necessary tools easily accessible to each user?

The Solution:

We created mobile height-adjustable workstations that can plug and play anywhere in the office. Each engineer is able to move their desk wherever they go throughout the day, from open area benching, to collaboration spaces, to prototyping rooms. Bag and CPU storage is integrated into each desk so when modeling in 3D, users can also take their desktop with them for a quick and easy switch from heads-down mode to collaboration or presentation mode.  

Every desk is equipped with peg board storage for nuts and bolts as well as other small hand tools. Each engineer additionally receives a whiteboard for ideating and a tack board for brainstorming. A set of rails are installed in the collaboration rooms so that each user can hang these items and other desk panels to easily present their work. Lastly, we provided work benches and larger storage for the prototyping rooms.