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Office Design Ideas That Can Boost Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

August 9, 2021



Positivity, productivity, and the overall quality of the workplace environment are all essential in the office. But these can have intersecting issues that make them difficult to manifest. These issues are hotly discussed and for every answer to one question comes a thousand more questions. Some of the most critical office space issues include noise pollution, screen privacy, and work space that accommodates both privacy and collaboration. Here are some office design ideas that can help overcome these issues.



Noise Pollution Solutions


The most complained about problem in offices is distracting noise. But not every employer can afford to give private offices to every employee, and cubicles have been shown to reduce the well-being and productivity of employees. In addition to this, collaboration and accessibility to other employees have become essential in modern workplaces, making open concept offices desirable. But being "open concept" might create yet more distracting noise. So how do we tackle all these factors at once? Part of the answer lies in modular furniture design, personal noise cancellation devices, and strategically placed noise-dampening features like acoustic panels, quiet floors, and even plants. Considering options like these is a great first step towards eliminating pesky noise while meeting other office needs.



Screen Privacy


While classic cubicles are on the decline along with large desktop setups, there's still a need for privacy for some. The answer again can be found in modular furniture. Items like aptly titled privacy screens can sit right on an employee's desk and give them the privacy they need for the current task without hemming them in and stunting their workflow.



Juggling Privacy, Collaboration, and Positive Workflow in the Same Space


As we've discussed, it can be difficult to fit every feature an office may need into a small space if that is what an employer is limited to. But the flexibility and options afforded to offices by modular furniture can help solve this problem as well. When a group needs to collaborate without distracting other groups, modular desks and movable walls can come to the rescue. The same is true if employees need to sequester themselves and have some time separate from others.





Adaptable furniture design and office layout help create solutions to many common office problems. With a little creative thinking, employers can satisfy the needs of their employees all while conforming to their space available, and therefore step into the productive environment any company desires. For more design ideas, contact Studio Other and see how you can improve your office space.