Reinventing the Communal Table

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Noosha Hodges
June 30, 2020
A Chicago-based tech company with several locations across the US was in need of a custom communal table that met their uniquely flexible work style and culture. Through collaboration with Studio Other, various obstacles were overcome and options tested within the ideation phase, until the team landed on the table design that exceeded all of their needs and desires.

The Challenge: How do we provide our client’s employees a communal touchdown table that will serve as an all-in-one place for various work styles? Is there a way to combine collaborative and heads-down spaces within a single table?  How do we make all of the necessary tools easily accessible to each group while remaining aesthetically pleasing?

The Solution: Studio Other created a communal table that houses a variety of work tools within itself. Each team or individual is able to connect to power and attach or remove dividers, whiteboards and tack boards throughout the day, giving teams the freedom to create a space that works for their unique collaborative or individual work style. What sets this table apart from your typical communal table is that it houses all electrical and collaborative add-ons within itself. Divider panels, whiteboards, tack boards, power, communal supplies, and more are all hidden beneath the table or inside of the central trough. This level of flexibility has allowed for all employees or teams within the company to equally utilize this communal space for any style of work that is required to complete the task at hand, without compromising the integrity of the design aesthetic.

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June 30, 2020

Break Away From Perimeter Private Offices

Studio Other’s client is an American Home Building company with several locations across the US. Given the confidential nature of their work and their need for daily collaboration, several obstacles and goals were brought to the table during the ideation phase.
June 30, 2020

Happy Holiday's from Studio Other

Happy Holiday from all of us at Studio Other.
June 30, 2020

Fieldhouse Touch Up Tutorial

June 30, 2020

Breaking Tradition

Being an innovative, young and energetic design and architecture firm, OFFICEUNTITLED focuses on creative solutions across all their projects with collaboration and teamwork at the forefront. Recently, they applied their hands-on research-driven design approach to what the future of work will look like post-COVID. They have gradually transformed their existing office space to test out various options for an initially socially distanced workplace with a prime focus on enabling collaborative team work to maximize the time staff members spend together in the office.
June 30, 2020

Reviving the Standard Workstation

A Los Angeles-based company requested a unique desk leg design that would stand out from the sea of traditional workstations. They wanted to place a greater emphasis on aesthetics and avoid the standard power beam or pinwheel design for wire management in a workstation pack. Studio Other was put to the test to create a unique but functional design that houses all electrical within a sit-stand workstation leg. The company collaborated closely with Studio Other to explore various options, eventually landing on an angled leg design that exceeded all expectations.