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Reviving the Standard Workstation

March 10, 2021


A Los Angeles-based company requested a unique desk leg design that would stand out from the sea of traditional workstations. They wanted to place a greater emphasis on aesthetics and avoid the standard power beam or pin wheel design for wire management in a workstation pack. Studio Other was put to the test to create a unique but functional design that houses all electrical within a sit-stand workstation leg. The company collaborated closely with Studio Other to explore various options, eventually landing on an angled leg design that exceeded all expectations.  

The Challenge: How do we provide our clients a unique and distinctive design that still houses all of the necessary tools and support for a sit-stand desk? Is there a way to successfully break away from the traditional workstation T-foot, L-foot, and C-foot leg designs? How do we design and engineer a leg that will maintain the weight of a standard desk, either seated or standing, while still concealing the wires through the desk itself?

The Solution: Studio Other closely studied the counterbalance of leg placement and designed a steel V-leg that maintains the integrity of the workstation aesthetic and establishes a more open feel in the space that it occupies. This adjustable table design stands as the main architectural detail and serves as the primary design element among a landscape of workstations. Ultimately, the new angled leg design overthrows the height-adjustable archetype while providing an engineering solution for weight distribution. This groundbreaking design achieves a level of flexibility unmatched by traditional desking, setting a new precedent for sit-stand workstation design.