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Studio Other Serves as Key Creative Force in Hines’ 2023 Award-Winning West Edge Project


April 2, 2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration with renowned design firm Rapt Studio and global real estate leader Hines, Studio Other emerged as a key player in the success of West Edge: a transformative mixed-use development in West Los Angeles.

Hines is a global real estate investment, development and property manager. The firm was founded by Gerald D. Hines in 1957 and now operates in 30 countries, managing a $94.6B portfolio of high-performing assets across residential, logistics, retail, office, and mixed-use strategies.

Hines entrusted Studio Other with the task of providing a custom live-edge conference table, as well as a significant portion of the ancillary furniture, accessories, and sourced vintage rugs that contribute to West Edge’s distinctive character.

Between Hines, Rapt Studio, and Studio Other, this latest project earned the prestigious 2023 REmmy Award in the category of Innovative Workplaces Less Than 50,000 Square Feet. The award stands as a testament to Studio Other’s expertise and dedication to delivering innovative solutions for its partners.

About West Edge

West Edge is the preeminent live, work, and play destination in West Los Angeles. Office amenities include private landscaped terraces over five floors, easy access to the new Expo Line station, and new sustainability features to enhance employee wellness.

In addition to the office’s amenities, West Edge offers 600 residences, Gelson’s Market, one of California’s premier full-service specialty grocers, a selection of restaurants and cafes, along with boutique retailers and wellness destinations, and a vibrant one-half-acre open-air plaza. The office building is registered to be LEED® Platinum and WiredScore Platinum and will pursue WELL Core & Shell Platinum Certification.

The Vision

Hines envisioned a workspace at West Edge that embraced eclecticism, eschewing uniformity in favor of a diverse mix of woods and authentic materials. The goal was to create a warm, inviting environment with bold and unique pieces.

“Our design approach for Hines began with thinking about the way we live — not necessarily how we work,” says David Galullo, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Rapt Studio. “The West Region headquarters centers around the concept of how to feel at home in collaboration with colleagues and clients.”

Kali Lewis, Creative Director, continues, “The space has a familial feel to support a spectrum of working postures — an open kitchen and dining table where people connect organically, a semi-enclosed living room that hosts partners and clients in a comfortable setting, and a library that invites quiet contemplation.”

The Creative Process

Collaborating closely with the Rapt Studio team, Studio Other embarked on a meticulous process of curating ancillary furniture from antique stores. The team handpicked vintage items that aligned with the envisioned mood boards and renderings. They acquired one-of-a-kind accessories and vintage rugs that added texture and history to the overall design.

In a strategic partnership with local Culver City manufacturer Big Daddy’s Antiques, Studio Other created a custom metal-work table with salvaged concrete pillar legs. The collaboration spanned months and involved gathering of samples, colors, and swatches to ensure a cohesive and richly textured ancillary furniture collection.

One of the standout features of Studio Other’s contribution to West Edge is the custom live-edge table sourced from Portland, Oregon. The team selected a raw live-edge slab from a 100-year-old log salvaged from a family farm. The finished 192-inch table, supported with metal legs, accommodates up to 20 people and serves as a unique focal point.

Overlooking the social area of the new space is a wood-clad boardroom enhanced by a mural, painted by local artist Gigi Allen. The art features abstract renditions of Hines’ most notable properties, and floating architectural forms add to the dynamic atmosphere of the office space. Punctuated with floating greenery, the office subtly underscores Hines’ commitment to fostering a sustainable and vibrant work environment.

“As we move forward into a new era of work, our vision was to build an inspired office that encourages dynamic collaboration and creativity,” said Douglas H. Metzler, CEO of Hines’ West Region. “Our West Region headquarters offers a new level of flexibility in how and where people work, enhancing the overall employee experience. Ultimately, West Edge embodies the future of office, fostering an environment where people want to work and socialize.”

Studio Other’s exceptional contribution to the West Edge project helped them and their partners earn the prestigious 2023 REmmy Award, solidifying the company’s position as a leader in delivering creative design solutions that take commercial spaces to new heights.

REmmy Awards 2023

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