Tangram Studio is Now Studio Other!

Post by 
Noosha Hodges
June 30, 2020
Twenty years ago, a small group of industrial designers and engineers grew weary of corporate furniture that all looked the same: cookie cutter workstations and offices that were devoid of personality and failed to reflect the culture of their organization. They toured the halls of NeoCon and ICFF for inspiration, but returned disappointed by a “Sea of Same-ness.”  Turns out our clients were feeling the same way.


Fueled and inspired by the vision of our partners and clients, we began to design, engineer and manufacture our own furniture at a small scale.  As we grew, we refined our process to improve our design and engineering work. Our clients began bringing us bigger design risks, and our capabilities expanded to meet the demand for workspaces to be equally functional and aesthetically beautiful. Before we knew it, we were building furniture for spaces in major cities across the nation, and we realized that our name no longer effectively communicated our brand identity.  There was a disconnect between what we called ourselves and who we were. We wanted our clients to feel the connection between our name, our brand and the work environments we build for them.


And so, Studio Other came to be. We are driven by the notion that no two solutions should be the same and you should never be limited to Option 1, 2 or 3. Organizations need the Other option— one that isn’t prescribed but is instead inspired, co:designed and intentionally crafted for you.
We can’t wait to share our unique story and identify with you.