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The Art of Branding in Design


January 22, 2024

The office should feel as personalized as a home. Every piece you curate for your own home tells a story about who you are, and your office should do the same. By having intentional colors, branding, and little touches tied throughout an office, you’re creating a personality for the space that speaks to who the company is. It doesn’t have to be loud or in-your-face but subtly can go a long way in building company ethos and getting employees to feel like they are a part of something bigger.

Studio Other means it when we say we can customize anything. Whether a company wants their logo laser-cut into their workstations or more of a quiet nod to their brand with a unique design element, we can make it happen. Here are a few examples of custom branding we’ve incorporated into our clients' workspaces.  


Ocean X

Ocean X – Because the President helped design the logo, he was passionate about incorporating branding into the office space itself. To subtly add it to the workstation, we collaborated to deconstruct the logo design and laser cut it into the metal panels. Additionally, we added a blue felt behind it inspired by their company colors. If their company colors change down the line with a rebrand, the felt panel could easily be swapped out to updated colors.  

Confidential NBA Client

Confidential NBA Client – When we started working with the Confidential NBA Client and Gensler, they wanted a sophisticated space – they didn’t want to overwhelm employees or clients with garish and in-your-face green branding that you’ll experience in the stadium. We incorporated green wire managers and a small shamrock into the workstation tabletop. It’s about the size of a quarter – branding doesn’t have to be a punch to the face, it can be a bunch of little nods to the brand identity.  

Urban Decay

Urban Decay – The inspiration began with their conference room wallpaper that featured a gold floral design. We took a piece out of the trash, scanned it, traced it, and then laser cut it into different aspects of their screens. The coolest part is that they ended up incorporating the laser-cut design into their own lip gloss packaging. We were inspired by their space, and they were inspired in return.  

Too Faced

Too Faced – Their brand colors were important to them, so we made sure pink and gold were everywhere. Then we took the circular version of their logo and laser cut it into metal as a design element tied throughout their space – on the desk legs, panels, and even doggy doors.