Workplace Health Starts with Workplace Culture

Post by 
Noosha Hodges
June 30, 2020

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Study after study have confirmed that physical and mental health corresponds with employee satisfaction and productivity.

Employers are quickly realizing that any money they put toward workplace health ends up saving them money in the long run, either on insurance premiums, employee turnover rates or just in the number of hours any given employee is able to commit to work without needing personal days or sick days. However, many companies are trying to find a quick fix to employee health, offering a pre-packaged incentive program, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. Instead, new studies are showing that companies that intentionally create a culture of health have the best results.  This means instead of giving your employees pedometers and offering prizes for whoever logs the most steps, try designing an office campus with interesting walking trails or even an indoor track for walking when the weather is bad. Companies that have healthy snacks available throughout their business find their employees eating healthier because it is convenient. According to the Safety and Health Magazine article, "Culture, Communication Key to Effective Workplace Wellness Programs: Study"“

Involving workers in day-to-day decisions is critical to establishing buy-in for programs and building trust,” the authors wrote. “At many of the organizations we visited, employees reported being very engaged in the program and ‘owners’ of the program because initiatives were continually evolving based on their feedback.”Before you move into your next office space, or design your next office upgrades, think about how your employees can help you actively create a company culture that prioritizes health. Take their input into consideration, and intentionally design a space that puts employee health first.

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