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El Segundo, CA
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Belkin empowers people to get more life out of every single day with their extensive range of products delivering power, protection, connectivity, audio and smart home solutions. From the humble beginnings of a garage in 1980s Southern California to a diverse, global technology company today, they remain inspired and driven by the connection between people and technology.

When Belkin planned their move to a brand new 65k sq ft El Segundo office, Studio Other was engaged to provide custom furniture. In partnership with architecture and design firm HLW and Belkin, Studio Other provided 75 workstations, 10 communal tables, 8 conference tales, 1 bar table, 75 personal storage units for Belkin's team.

Working closely with Oliver Seil, Belkin Senior Director, Studio Other began the co-design process with sketches, then renderings, then spent much time working heavily with raw steel and cardboard to prototype a wide range of design details, which kept the cost down and allowed the team to work through ideas quickly. Working with a team of design-focused individuals who were as invested in the process as Studio Other's team was a joy.

The team was amazing because they understood us. I’m a designer, my team is a team of designers, says Seil.

Every detail that went into the height-adjustable workstations custom-designed for Belkin was given much thought. White powder-coated steel, multi-ply edges for a touch of warmth, rounded radius corners to avoid knee impact and felt and leather bag holders and storage were incorporated to bring flexibility and softness to each desk. Removable wing panels in grey felt have incorporated notches so the user can move it up and down depending on the level of privacy desired. Incorporated white powder coated steel planters bring biophilia to every station. A removable whiteboard with a leather pull allows for ideation to happen anywhere.

Other highlights include a collab table for the ID Lab, with hooks for bags and flex baskets and locking casters for flexibility; as well as a round conference table with a woodgrain surface and surface and edge power and a white powder coated steel base with integrated power through the floor.

We tried to make a space for our employees that feels like an extension of our personality and our brand in general, which is all about making people feel smart, says Seil. "I couldn't imagine it having turned out any better.

Using "make people feel smart" as the project inspiration, Studio Other prioritized making every detail straightforward and simple so users felt comfortable in their new environment rather than frustrated and alienated. The overall goal of the space was to cultivate collaboration and social experience rather than a sole focus of heads down individualized work.

I would say this has been one of the best experiences of my whole career and I am incredibly proud of this place because we were able to really take all of the things we've learned about what Belkin needs and what our employees need and turn it into this facility, says Seil. "I couldn't imagine it having turned out any better.