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Confidential Tech Client

Denver, CO

Following the success of multiple Denver-based projects, Studio Other expanded their partnership with furniture dealer, Workplace Elements, to join Krestrel Design Group and lead the creation of a custom furniture solution for a Confidential Tech Client.

The growing social-fitness platform recently expanded their San Francisco headquarters to include an additional office in Denver, Colorado. Studio Other provided 66 storage units, 64 lockers and six conference tables for this tech company’s new 28,000 square-foot space housing their 65 employees.

Honing in on the company’s branding and aesthetic, Studio Other created 66 sleek and minimally-designed personal storage units. With white powder-coated steel finishes, each storage unit was designed to store specific personal items typical to their staff. For example, laptop storage and a larger space below was allocated for necessary workout gear. Being a tech company, many employees use headphones, so Studio Other also included a hook on the interior door to store their headphones properly. This fitness company values the Colorado lifestyle and encourages their employees to work out regularly; therefore, Studio Other provided an additional 64 lockers for larger item storage such as coats or sports related items.

Where the storage units were simple and white, the main conference table took on a more industrial feel. The surface is made from Fawn Cypress Laminate and is supported by a noticeably strong charcoal powder-coated base, making an undeniable statement within the conference room it is located. Desiring to add additional collaboration areas, Studio designed a boardroom side table that harmonizes with the design of the main conference table. This high-top table allows for impromptu meetings, satisfying both form and function requirements.