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Confidential Tech Client

San Francisco, CA
Project Type

When this client moved into their new 180k sq ft location, they engaged Studio Other in partnership with Iwamoto Scott to provide 800 workstations, 36 trash units and 25 shelving units. The request included a workstation design that allows the user to adjust their privacy within 30 seconds using no tools. During the design ideation process, the Studio Other team closely studied the parts and hardware NASCAR pitstop technicians used to update a car quickly. Eventually, drawing inspiration from residential spaces, our solution was curtains that had the capability to roll up and down and slide back and forth. The preliminary ask was for a basic design but the team took it a step further and built a to-scale mockup of the curtain panel in our submittal to display proof of concept. From there, we ventured into several more prototypes before landing on the final design.

All structural aspects of the building were neutral with color blocking specific to each floor, reflecting the view from each level window. For example, at ground level, colors selected were grey and green tones to reflect the concrete streets and trees, while the upper levels featured blue accents to accentuate the sky view from the high rise tower. Therefore, we matched the fabric dividers to each floor's designated colors, while the custom trash units featured this confidential client's iconic brand colors.