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Jefferson Lumen home/work Coworking Space

Irving, TX
Project Type

As work from home has become the norm, many people have grown tired of mixing their personal and professional spaces. The home/work Coworking space provides a peaceful, light-filled, and comfortable dedicated workspace – marketed primarily to the residents of the apartment complex in which it is located.

A series of focal points punctuates the overall rhythm of the space. The library, at the far end, provides a warm and enclosed space for informal meetings.  The break area, open to the main space, offers a large communal table. Aligned with the entrances to the space, both from outside and the internal amenity spaces, is the lounge seating area, with comfortable seating in the midst of the open office space. The phone/conversation booths form the other end of the space, providing a place for private conversations.

Studio Other worked closely with JPI and Agent Architecture to design 14 custom height-adjustable workstations and 10 custom private offices. The goal of the project was to soften the overall feel of the space through the implementation of radiused surfaces and tactile finishes. Additionally, the architect was hoping to create an ombre effect within the aisle way, which the Studio Other team accomplished by meticulously selecting specific finishes for the workstation privacy panels that create a gradation as you walk through the space.