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Juno Therapeutics

Seattle, WA
Project Type

Juno Therapeutics is on an audacious mission to radically change the course of medicine by aligning investments in scientific research, manufacturing and people to change the way cancer and other serious diseases are treated. Recently, Juno Therapeutics embarked on a project to combine their multiple locations into one headquarter location. Juno and Flad Architects engaged Studio Other and Tangram Technology for custom workspace and technology integration throughout the nine floors of Juno’s new 195,000-square-foot offices. Housing lab space as well as a workspace and collaborative meeting rooms.

A fundamental goal of the overall project was to create a unique environment that supports collaboration, expresses the company brand and makes a positive impression on visitors. The design approach was intended to capture a feeling of grace and authenticity to design as well as materials. It was also driven by the inspirational character of the work Juno does.Juno and Flad evaluated custom furniture versus pre-manufactured furniture. To their pleasant surprise, the custom approach was less expensive. And it enabled them to get exactly what they wanted by collaborating closely with Studio Other throughout the project. As a result, Studio Other provided 657 workstations, 8 vice president stations, 5 private offices, 28 A/V-configured conference rooms, 50 conference tables and credenzas, 22 kanban meeting tables, additional storage.