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Shamrock Capital

Los Angeles, CA
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Shamrock Capital is a Los Angeles-based investment firm with a rich history of investing in the media, entertainment, and communications sectors.

Working closely with Shubin Donaldson and Shamrock Capital, Studio Other co-designed 40 private offices, 22 workstations, 1 boardroom table, 2 built-in banquettes, 3 meeting tables, and ancillary furniture for all spaces.

The co-design process kicked off with a workshop with Shamrock Capital's leadership team to understand what they needed in their new space. Additionally, we hosted a variety of staff — 2 Partners, 2 Executive Assistants, 2 Associates — in our DTLA office to workshop how they're using their current space and strategize on how the new space will meet their needs better. We gathered the info from this workshop and synthesized it into a report for the client to review along with a plan for their new space.

A private office workstation that accommodates up to 4-person meetings

We learned each private office workstation needed to be able to accommodate a collaborative meeting with 3-4 people. The biggest challenge was how to deliver a workstation that spatially fits in the office space with enough clearance on all sides while still comfortably housing multiple people and laptops. Also, how do we ensure the user is still oriented with a line of sight towards the door and allow for heads-down work without feeling overwhelmed by the size of the desk?  

Unique desk shape  

The desk shape was specifically designed to ensure multiple chairs would comfortably fit around it. Additionally, the unique shape allowed for each partner to maintain a direct line of sight with their Executive Assistant when they weren’t hosting a meeting.  

Under desk computer dock maximize desk real estate  

We explored how to maximize your desk surface when you have four people sitting at it for a small meeting. How can the desk feel clean and uncluttered to allow for more surface area for the meeting participants? As a solution, we made a docking station drawer to house wires, a laptop and miscellaneous papers, which allows for a clean and uncluttered work surface.

Executive Assistant workstations that allow for adjustable privacy  

We met with the Executive Assistants and asked them about their current setup: What works and what doesn’t work for you, currently? They previously had panels that were about 48” tall, which they liked for heads-down work and privacy, but when they needed to talk to their coworkers or check on something for one of the Executives, they had to stand up. So, we made high felt divider panels that slide open to allow each EA to quickly chat with their neighbor or have eyes on their associated private office, while maintaining privacy for heads-down work.  

A boardroom table that accommodates both large and small meetings

The boardroom presented a unique challenge: the large all-hands meeting the company holds each week needs to accommodate a large group of people – the room accommodates 32 people, and the table itself accommodates 20 people – but on any other given day, the boardroom sits idle because the table is too large for smaller 4-6 person meetings. In order to avoid a large, empty, and awkward space for smaller meetings, we designed the large boardroom table to transform into 3 smaller tables. While the center tabletop is made of stone, the two end pieces of the table are made of wood and are on casters, so they easily unhook and rotate around to dock to banquettes, forming a few small meeting settings. As an additional detail, we intentionally designed the legs to be more substantial with a rolled panel feel so that you could lock the caster in place without the tables looking like cheap training desks.