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Tricon Residential

Tustin, CA
Project Type

Tricon Residential is a rental housing company dedicated to providing an exceptional rental experience to every resident who makes one of their houses or apartments their home. When the company began planning their own move to a new 50,000-square-foot Tustin, CA office space, they imagined a unique and unconventional workplace that would appeal to and engage their growing workforce. Tricon, architecture firm Shubin Donaldson, Tangram Interiors and Studio Other closely collaborated on every detail to establish an eclectic and worldly space that featured corners of unexpected beauty and tranquility.

Within the 50,000-square-foot space are large open areas dubbed “parks” that are filled with live vegetation, large trees, and grass-like floor covering to emulate a park setting and capture the tranquility of public nature environments. Tangram provided organically- shaped ancillary furniture that complemented the feel of the space with its soft edges and stone- like features. Studio Other created 300 workstations using eight design variations based on the specific needs of various roles. Because the new space held less private offices on the new floorplan, Studio Other ideated two types of “soft offices” which became the new Vice President and Director stations. These stations were made with the same materials as the standardized workstations in the open plan, but featured increased division, privacy and storage.

Studio Other worked closely with Shubin Donaldson and the client to create a suite of furniture that works for each individual work-mode for every employee.

Call-Center workstations are more compact stations designed for density, limited need for storage, and higher panels for acoustic privacy.

Marketing/Admin workstations (for the general population) feature metal powder-coated and perforated divider panels between users,
and a higher fabric-wrapped panel at the end conditions. It is designed around a tube frame used as support for the end panels and power beam. This allowed support for “soft offices” for directors and VPs to be integrated into the workstation clusters.

Soft-Office workstations include fabric-wrapped panels around a tube frame, which acoustic panels and whiteboard panels can be inserted into based on the user’s needs. A leather belt/ wood dowel system allows the user to lift up the fabric panels, or close them when they need more privacy.
All storage units feature a leather pull detail.