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How Do We Build Our Solutions?

1 Week

Concepts + Budgeting

- Design Proposal
- Budget Proposal
- Project Timeline
- Finish Samples

8 - 14 Weeks

Production Time

- Formal Quote
- Customer Set-up Forms
- Production Timeline
- Show Drawings for Each Item
- Approved Samples
- Floor Plans with Electrical Locations
- Studio Other to Issue Production Drawings to Our Vendors for Manufacturing


Install Time

- Deliver and Install Final Product

8 - 8,000 Units

We specialize in creating unique and custom workspaces for our clients through a process of co:design and investigating end user behavior. We have had great success in manufacturing complete workspace scopes on both small and large-scale projects through our careful approach to mass customization. By incorporating the latest software into our design and engineering processes, we’re able to provide precise manufacturing drawings to our vendors. Our vendors then take those drawings and upload them to their CNC machinery to seamlessly manufacture pieces in mass quantities. Therefore, we have the ability to manufacture an unlimited quantity of any piece with a repeatable quality at any time. That being said, our mass customization process makes re-ordering parts as the company grows or needs to replace damaged pieces a simple process.


We aim to create our products using sustainable practices, with the overarching goal to meet the needs of today’s clients without compromising our ability to meet the needs of future clients. We have the ability to help our clients meet their organization’s green initiatives in reducing their carbon footprint, sourcing sustainable materials, avoiding volatile compound materials, creating products that optimize materials yields to reduce waste, and designing assemblies that can be easily broken down and recycled.Additionally, we keep up with current local and national environmental reporting standards and can provide documentation necessary to help our clients meet their green goals.

Design Innovation + Local Manufacturing

Design is our passion, so we make it a priority to keep up with current design trends. Not only do we attend NeoCon, ICFF and IIDA-sponsored event among others, but most of our designers and engineers are creators and builders outside of work. We have built a culture of creativity and innovation that we carry into all conversations with our partners and clients.  

Our 20+ year relationship with our local manufacturing partners allows us to provide products of the highest standards to our clients. While our products are co:designed with our clients, they are co:engineered with our manufacturing partners. We challenge them with new design ideas and they challenge us with new and innovative processes and materials.   

Material Selection

Our material selection is testament to our innovative design process and our dedication to sustainable manufacturing.Whenever possible, we use locally-sourced and rapidly-renewable materials, such as bamboo, Forbo bulletin board and Marmoleum. Additionally, we use FSC-certified wood that is cut sustainably and selectively using forestry conservation method, and our metal fabricators use an electrolytic closed-loop system in their powder coating process which recaptures 98.5% of all paint powder. Ultimately, all of our products are chosen for their minimal VOC emissions and recyclability. Intentionally choosing sustainable materials allows our team to create innovative designs for our clients while simultaneously acting as responsible stewards of our environment.