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Who We Are

We are makers and artists with genuine passion for the craft.

Vanessa Perez
Customer Service
Victor Wilkens
Industrial Designer
Maggie Zywiec
Chief Morale Officer
Anne Dudzik
Customer Service
Jason Doerr
Industrial Engineer
Nicole Zywiec
Design Consultant + Industrial Designer
Armando Perez
Warehouse Technician
Jason Betty
Industrial Designer
Gabriel Ngaosi
Industrial Designer
Katlyn Byrnes
A&D Design Consultant
Charlotte Wiederholt
Chris Fong
Industrial Design Consultant
Bryan Orozco
Mitchel Zelinger
Executive Vice President
Noosha Hodges
Channel Marketing Manager
Stephanie Bonilla
Operations Manager
Armando Rodriguez
Installation Foreman
Antonette De Leon
Project Scheduler
Jeremy Knapp
Director | Engineering
Mary Moen
Design Consultant
Verenice Macedo
Industrial Designer